The NFL is stupid. I’m doubly glad I’m not a gambler, because I would have no idea how to bet on games this season. Jacksonville beats the Chiefs and Colts, then looks awful against Houston. The Falcons look like a bad high school team against the Chiefs, then destroy Denver. Minnesota looked like a Super Bowl team, then decide to get rolled by the Giants, who got rolled by the Lions last week. Those same Lions go lose to a Dallas team that appeared to be coming apart at the seems. Parity, parity, parity. Does anyone outside Philly have that much faith in the Eagles? I didn’t think so. It’s stupid. Something needs to be done to get us back to the days when there were more 12-4 and 2-14 teams than 8-8 teams. It’s just not that exciting.
While we’re on the topic of stupidity and the NFL, did the Colts run a bunch of I-AA guys out on defense yesterday? I think Priest Holmes got at least ten yards on every carry before he was touched, and Chiefs receivers could run textbook patterns all day because they were never covered. I thought the Chiefs’ defense was atrocious against Carolina earlier this year. What the Colts did yesterday was almost criminal. That said, if Peyton doesn’t overthrow Harrison when it was tied 7-7 and Marvin had two steps on the Chiefs’ d-backs, it’s a different game. I bet Bill Simmons was pleased that Manning threw another late INT that cost his team a chance to tie or win the game with a successful on-side kick.
I’m a little late to the party, but we watched Desperate Housewives over the weekend. Consider me hooked. Eva Longoria would once have been called “D material”. Maybe she still is, I don’t know. I don’t keep up with these things anymore. Compliments to whoever brought Terri Hatcher back from the dead, too. We’ll see if I continue watching and get around one of my TV pet-peeves. I hate it when networks put good shows on Sunday nights. I’ve never been able to consistently watch something on Sundays. I remember four years ago seeing ads for this new show called Ed. I thought, “That looks great,” but the fact it was on Sundays meant I would probably never see it. Sure enough, I saw my first episode only after NBC moved it to Wednesdays. Now that I’ve got a kid and spend pretty much every night on the couch may change my ways, though.
With the election coming up tomorrow, expect some political discussion over the next 48 hours here. I’ll be sharing my election predictions tomorrow. I have put together a mix of political music that’s dominating my iTunes. I’ll share that playlist later today. And I will be taking copious notes tomorrow night and posting those Wednesday. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, so I think the extra coverage is warranted. If you’re sick of it all, or just not interested, check back on Thursday.