A couple thoughts while I down my post-game Guinness. Tomorrow is a Mr. Mom day and if I don’t post now, I’ll never get them done.

Billy Gillespe is doing good things at A&M. They’ve always had one good player who could score 30. Now they’ve got that one player (Wright), some talent to go with it, and what appears to be a system that works. Hell, they ran the high-low better than KU has run it since Self arrived (Too much Roy still in the brain). I dismissed their record because of who they had played so far, but they were fearless in Lawrence tonight. They’re going to win a few Big 12 games this year, and be a force within a year. Gillespe is a fabulous recruiter and apparently he can coach a little, too. And he’s got all that wonderful A&M (ATM) money behind him, too. Watch out Texas Tech!

There were moments tonight when KU looked as fluid and comfortable on offense as they have all year. Only problem was no one wanted to shoot. They’d zip the ball around like the Globetrotters, only to realize there was no one on the court capable of scoring. The next three games are going to be very interesting, going to Lexington, Ames, and Boulder. They’ve got to find a way to get Keith Langford shots early in the game so he stops disappearing for 20 minutes at a time. I’ve talked to some friends who are Kentucky fans, and they’re not pleased with their team either. Still, they’ve got a frontline and KU doesn’t. UK by 12.

Anyone else hear Antoine Wright tell Christian Moody that his foot was on the line before C Mood clanked a free throw? I think Wright is a nice player, but not nearly as good as he thinks. But I thought that was a funny line, especially since it worked. Of course, one possession later, Wright called a referee a pussy, so I think he’s got negative karma after this game.

My man Doug Bell must have taken some Quaaludes before the game, because he was exceptionally mellow. I did enjoy him butchering the story about Billy Gillespe watching a game of the “real” Hoosiers game between Milan and Muncie Central. Long before I moved to Indiana, I knew that Hickory High was a fictional school based on Milan. Bell, however, was insistent there really was a Hickory High that won the Indiana high school basketball championship and that they beat “Indianapolis High”. Whatever. Jackass. I’ll be tuning in early Saturday to watch his antics in the studio, you can be sure.

I seriously need some games that are over early. Once again the baby is next to me sleeping in the late minutes of a close game. So was the wife tonight. I may perfect the silent yell this year at this pace.