(Compiled shortly after KU’s win over UK. If you don’t know which is which, please move along.)

12) Gonzaga. Hang on just because so many other teams got beat this week.
11) Texas. Rick Barnes, as always, is an ass, but his team is good. Baylor stayed curiously close to them Sunday, though.
10) Kentucky. This week’s Lexington Lament: Why, oh why, don’t the ‘Cats pound the ball inside until KU’s meager frontline is sitting on the bench? Surprising Billy pACCker never mentioned this.
9) Boston College. Who are these guys and what are they doing here?
8) Duke. They don’t play Wake, Tech, or UNC until February. Look for the Dukies to keep piling up gaudy points for a few more weeks.
7) Syracuse. Cruising. Not going to lose for awhile (jinx!).
6) Georgia Tech. Pounded UVa to get back on track.
5) Oklahoma State. Nice comeback against Texas Tech Saturday. One week from their first marquee matchup with Texas.
4) Wake Forest. Humming along nicely again.
3) Kansas. Another week, another monster win without Wayne. Now for the road in conference.
2) North Carolina. Holy crap, they’re good. Wake me when it’s March. Tech comes to town Wednesday.
1) Illinois. Still better than UNC, but just barely. Right now that’s the best game in the country, if you could take any two teams and put them on a court.