Years ago, in the times before AOL’s e-mail program had spell checker, I made several typos a few friends found extremely funny and we then adopted into our day-to-day language. One of those typos was putting bug in the place of big, as in “That was a bug win for you guys last weekend.” Taking it global, Oklahoma sure had a bug win tonight. UConn is struggling to find themselves a bit, but OU needed a quality win. By my count, the Big 12 now has wins over UConn, Syracuse, Gonzaga, Virginia, Georgia Tech, and Kentucky. If only Texas could have helped the cause a little. The national pundits keep saying that the Big 12 is three teams deep this year. I don’t disagree in the big picture, but from what I’ve seen of the other nine over the past week, I’m not sure there are any gimmes anymore. The conference title could truly come down to what top teams can get wins in Manhattan, Waco, and College Station.

(I promise, something about my first day of school tomorrow. M’s┬áhad a fussy evening and I’m going to try to get to bed while she’s asleep.)