It’s going to be a busy weekend in La Casa de Blogger. Tomorrow, M. gets baptized for starters. All you anti-Papists out there can make your derisive comments now. Be sure to share them with my wife next time you see her. Sunday morning, S. and I depart for our first extended time away from the baby. We’re off to Rincon, Puerto Rico for five days. S’s neighbor from Kansas City, Jackie (who some of you know), is getting married on the beach 7:00 Monday evening. It’s a shorts mandatory wedding, which should be fun. We’re sharing a small house with another couple and there are supposed to be 30-40 people in total making the trip. Jackie’s circle of friends has more than its share of characters in it, so there promise to be many stories to share upon our return. I have no idea if I’ll have any Internet access while on the island, so this may be it until next Friday. Stay warm while I’m away!