I’m working on my vacation wrap-up, but that probably won’t get posted until tomorrow. However, there is this one M. story that demands immediate sharing. As I have mentioned in the past, she’s really into Hide and Go Seek with us. It starts just saying “Boo!” and tickling her, and eventually one of us is hiding behind a door or wall and then jumping out. That’s when she really gets her laugh going. Last Sunday, the morning we were leaving, she woke up at about 5:45. We tried giving her binky to her, turning on her crib aquarium, etc. but she wouldn’t dose back off. So we broke down and brought her to bed with us so we could try to get that last half-hour of sleep. She fidgeted and cried, so S. hoped out of bed to make her a bottle. I rolled over to put a hand on M. so she couldn’t work her way to the edge of the bed. I noticed she was looking towards the door, and I could see her little cheeks were puffed up. Even when you’re behind her, you can tell when she’s smiling because her cheeks are so big right now. I leaned over to see what she was smiling at . She was staring at the door, waiting for S. to jump out and say “Boo!” I guess. She lay there smiling, and eventually gave up on mom and just started laughing on her own. Killed me, I’m telling you! Being away from her wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be (Helped that we got zero frantic calls from Grandma and our one call home was greeted with no exceptional news) but the image that stuck with me over the five days was M. laying in the dark, laughing because she wanted to play games with her sleepy mom.