Last night (Tuesday night) was the worst night we’ve had with M. in a long, long time. So Wednesday was a bit of a struggle, with S. working and me trying to stay awake all day. To make matters worse, M. is going through a phase of not taking any naps all day, thus no down time for daddy. Sometime around 4:00, with her distracted by toys, a sippy cup, and one of her shows, I laid back and closed my eyes in an attempt to take a quick nap. Each time my eyes closed for more than 30 seconds, M. would scream at me at the top of her lungs. When my eyes opened, she would laugh her ass off. Evil. I tried the same thing again around 7:00. This time, she would run over, stand next to my ear, and laugh. When I didn’t stir, she would reach up and tickle me while laughing louder. Is that justification to go wake her up tonight just for the hell of it? How old do kids have to be for them to be old enough for you to get even with them?