We have just one nightstand, and it’s on S’s side of the bed.  Thus, our alarm clock is on that side, too.  With my horrible eye sight, even if I squint, I can’t see what time it is the moment I remove my contacts/glasses.  That makes for an interesting game this time of year, when the sun doesn’t rise until around 8:00 AM, at the moment M. starts letting us know she’s ready to get out of bed.  Dark is pretty much dark, so when my feet first hit the floor, I have no idea whether it’s 5:00 or 7:30.  I put my glasses on, try to get my sense of balance so I don’t fall into the wall, then as I head towards the door, I peer anxiously at the alarm clock to see if I should be disappointed (Anything before 6:30) or pleasantly surprised (Anything that starts with a 7).  It’s almost as much fun as putting all your chips on a number and waiting to see what comes up.