I just shot my research paper down to Bloomington via the wonders of the Internet. A hugely frustrating experience. I literally worked on it all day yesterday, from 7:00 AM until 1:30 AM this morning, and had almost nothing to show for it. I’d crank out 5-600 words in a section, decide I hated it, delete it all, then move to another section and repeat. At 10:00 PM last night I literally had less words saved than I had when I cracked open the Powerbook in the morning. I managed to get about 6000 words together, though, and while I think it’s probably the worst paper I’ve ever written that I’ve actually put great effort into, it is now done.

Now I have six days off before the summer session starts and I spend three days a week in B-town studying how to write for magazines. Assuming there is no baby this week (knock knock!), I’m even going to read a book for pleasure for the first time since January! Whoo-hoo! Expect a reader’s notebook before next week. Also, with Pearl Jam’s new album dropping today (It arrived in my mailbox Friday, after I left for KC, and I’ve not had a chance to really listen yet), I’ve got a little something about them I’ve been working on for awhile. But for now, a nap is in order.