The final weeks of pregnancy! Or, as women like to call it, hell. It’s safe to say S. is extremely uncomfortable. Skin feels like it can’t stretch anymore, but there is constant pressure from inside. An urge to go to the bathroom every five minutes because there’s a foot or head or arm pushing on your bladder. A complete inability to get comfortable in bed, which leads to hours of tossing and turning (In unrelated news, I slept better last night that I’ve slept in months!). Constant heartburn. Crankiness. The feeling that you just want to get it over with.

Yesterday marked the 37 week plateau. She’s scheduled for a c-section in two weeks. M. was born at 38 weeks. What are some sports cliches I can throw out here? It’s crunch time! We’re in the red zone! The clock is ticking! We’ve got our bags packed, our lists placed in easy-to-find locations. We’re trying to keep the refrigerator full so we don’t have to go to the store as soon as we return from the hospital. We’re getting close.