I went back last weekend and skimmed a few of my posts from the first month or so of M.’s life. The constant lament was that I couldn’t get into a routine. Funny how things don’t change! I’m two weeks out of school and haven’t been able to get much accomplished. These damn newborns and their inability to take 2+ hour naps at the same time each day, along with their constant need for attention while awake! I still feel like the afternoons should be mine to read, do stuff around the house, run errands, work on blog posts. Then I end up holding C. the entire time that M. is down. Luckily, today both girls are down, at least for the time being. Perhaps I’ll get something of substance posted here and my desk cleaned off, finally. Wait. Is that C. I hear on the monitor? Damn.

By the way, some strange things going on with my disk usage for the blog. My Typepad account shows that I’m using over 200% of my allotment. Not sure what’s causing that, since it’s usually well below 50%. But I’m going back and deleting some attachments to old posts to see if that makes a difference. So if you’re searching through old stuff and files don’t load, that’s why. The text should all be there, though.
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