S. left for her girls’ trip bright and early this morning. Not even bright and early; she left the house before 5:00. Yikes. It’s just me and the girls for the next 96 hours, give or take.

This is my first time with the girls for this long, believe it or not. I’ve lucked out with S.’s schedule at work changing a year or so ago and she no longer working any 24 hour shifts. Some of those weekends with M. all day were brutal, especially when the weather was bad.

The other first that will happen this weekend is my first true outing with just the girls. I honestly don’t think I’ve taken both girls out by myself since C. was born. Maybe once or twice when she was teeny-tiny, and she wasn’t much effort. But I’m almost positive I’ve avoided the mall, etc. on days I’ve had them to myself since then. We’re definitely going to have to get out of the house in the next couple days. It’s supposed to be in the 50s today, but stormy, then back into the 30s again tomorrow. Looks like at least one trip to the mall is in our future. I’m sure I’ll have a story or two.

Before I go, one last note: Acie Law is the most clutch player ever. Why did it take Rick Barnes two overtimes to figure out you have to foul him before he gets a shot off? And he damn near converted the missed free throw play at the end of double OT (Dallas CoM.ys!). Sets up an interesting battle in Lawrence Saturday. A KU win seals the conference championship outright and would not have to face UT or A&M until the Big 12 championship game, if they made it that far. A Texas win coupled with an A&M win over Missouri means there’s a three-way-tie for first, but KU would fall to the #3 seed in the Big 12 tournament. Still plenty to play for in the final weekend. Should be a heck of a game, Brownie, and it appears it will be my first KU game in HD.