Nothing too special to report about day one. The girls were, for the most part, well-behaved. M. had a 30 minute period where she refused to stop touching C.’s head, no matter how many times I told her to stop. When I was trying to get everyone out the door for a quick trip to Target after dinner, she asked me if we were going to Costco at least 8000 times. (This is a normal trick for her, but she normally only asks about 2000 times.) She was well behaved at Target, I let her free-lance rather than ride so she could burn off some energy. Of course, she likes to run about 20 feet in front of you and look back at you instead of watching around her. One day she’s going to get plowed over by someone else who isn’t watching.
Another first I didn’t think of. I had to fix M.’s hair for the first time ever. I’m fine with washing and conditioning it. Before it got really long, I would throw some mousse into it to get the ‘fro working. But S. has always handed the pony/pigtails. Sure, I’ve watched plenty of times, but I’ve never given it a go myself. It makes my stomach hurt to think of dragging a comb through all those curls. Her hair was a disaster by the end of the day, so there was no way I could take her out looking like she did. I think S. might have given me a C+/B- for my effort, but it wasn’t completely awful. I used the comb as sparingly as possible.
Now if C. can just sleep tonight. We’ve totally reverted as the teething has kicked in. We’re back up to getting up with her twice a night. Is it wrong to triple her Motrin dose to get her through the night? Yes that’s wrong, it could kill her? Great. I better hold myself to one beer tonight.