On our last trip to the library, we picked up a CD of Beatles songs sung by kids. A lot of them are completely intolerable to adults, but hey, I had to start indoctrinating the girls with good music. Each time we hop into the family truckster for a journey somewhere, M. asks, “Are we listening to Beatles music, daddy?”

This morning, C. and I were watching VH1 Classic while waiting for M. to wake up. When M. finally rose and came downstairs, I laid her on the floor in front of the TV to change her diaper. She pointed to the TV and asked, “Is that the Beatles, daddy?” I looked up and what video was on? John Lennon’s “Mind Games.” Pretty impressive catch by the kid! Not only was he a Beatle, but she caught one of his poorer solo efforts! Look at the big brain on M.!

Of course, she thinks everyone is the Beatles now, but I choose to think at some deeper level, she made the connection. Ironic, since in my post-game haze Saturday, I laid on the couch and watched most of “Imagine: John Lennon” and S. suggested I show it to the girls.

She also gets confused about what, exactly, Beatles are sometimes. We’ll be driving along and she’ll ask, “Are these the Beatles daddy?” “Yes.” “It not the Beatles daddy, Beatles are outside the van!” I haven’t explained the difference between Beatles and beetles yet.