I think I’ve shared this before, but since it’s being repeated more and more, it deserves another mention. M. has this strange habit of calling certain things “the peoples’….” The most common example is “the peoples’ water.” She always wants “the peoples’ water.” We have no idea where this came from. I’ve actually paid attention to some of her shows this week to see if I can pick the reference up there, but have yet to find a connection. It really gets ridiculous when that is the first thing she says when she wakes up from a nap. “Now I want jellybeans and the peoples’ water, daddy!”
Tuesday night, she woke up screaming and coughing at about 4:00. S. and I both went running in, and once we got her calmed down, guess what she asked for? “I need Kleenex and the peoples’ water, daddy.”
It makes me laugh, but I’m dying to know where it came from. When she gets a little older, I’ll explain that she sounds like a Maoist and while it’s fine to investigate revolutionary theory, she’s liable to get her parents tossed out of Hamilton County if she can’t moderate her tone a bit.
Another hilarious and unexplainable thing is how she reacts when we drive by a shopping area that sits on the way to Broadripple and downtown Indianapolis. Each time we go by, she raises her voice and asks/says, “Is dat Kansas City? Is dat daddy’s Kansas City? Yeah, it is! It daddy’s Kansas City!” and then she laughs and repeats it. We have no idea why she says that. There’s nothing in the area that should cause a two-and-a-half year old to start talking about Kansas City. Well, there is a Wal-Mart, but she doesn’t understand the connection between the retail giant and the Royals yet.
My only theory is that one day, when we drove by, she was talking about Kansas City, asked if the shopping area was Kansas City about 40 times, and finally I just said yes, it was Kansas City, to get her to be quiet. So now she thinks that’s where I go when I go to visit Grandpa Tom. When we explain, sometime this summer, that we’re all going to Kansas CIty, she’ll probably think that’s great because it’s 10 minutes from home. That could make the next seven hours and 50 minutes of our trip west very interesting.
Beware of what you tell your toddlers!