Today M. went in for her three year check up. For some reason, they wanted me to fill out a new information form (there are two new receptionists, so my theory was the old one took all their records, or had a horrible system they’re revamping). I got to the line for my Social Security Number and totally blanked. I can name my last four digits no problem, since it seems like every credit card and utility uses that as a security feature. But even now, four hours later, I can’t think of the first five digits. There are five other digits, right? I’ve only had it since I was 13, it’s not like it’s a new number or something. I’m getting old, I guess, and will have to go open the safe deposit box to refresh my memory.

Oh, and M. did fine. 31 lbs., 50th% and 36.5”, 25th%. Right where she’s always been. And we thought she was getting taller, too.