As I’ve related, things on the professional side of your humble blogger’s life have been looking ever-so-slightly up lately. In addition to my regular editing work, there is the much-agonized over book I’ve been editing (working on my final skim now), another small project a friend tossed my way, and then there’s something that will involve regular writing that I’ll be interviewing for later this week. Just the way I want to plan my professional life for the next few years: a number of small projects that A) keep me busy, B) keep enough cash coming in to justify my many purchases at the Apple Store, and C) put me in a position to easily transition in to a more vigorous writing/editing lifestyle when all our kids are in school.

Sadly, one component of my current program has slipped. The state press association is running low on funds, and not surprisingly, decided to end their relationship with me through at least the end of the year. There’s a small chance they might call me back for more work when the calendar turns to 2008, but given the arc of their revenues in recent years, that’s not likely.

It wasn’t a big surprise. For the past three issues I edited, there were several articles about how they were running short of and trying to raise more money through ad programs. I told S. a few weeks back that I expected their need for an outside editor to disappear quickly if they didn’t find some new funds. And while it wasn’t a ton of money – when I was really efficient, I could say I made $60/hour, which is right about what I’d like to make from jobs like this – it was nice to have a paycheck every month, even if most of it had already been delegated to go towards eBay wins or new toys for my Macs. A man feels better about himself when he’s got a little cash in his pocket and an ice cold beer in his hand. Isn’t that from Shawshank? Never mind.

So Monday nights are freed up, just in time for football. The silver lining! Seriously, I don’t like to promote too much here, but this is a good opportunity to remind folks that if they ever run across situations where they, a friend, a family member, business associate, etc. need someone to do some writing/editing, I am available. I’ve even got business cards! Which I forgot to hand over to my “prospective client” in KC last week (I’ll include one with my invoice, Mr. N!).