That’s the only explanation I can figure on why KU, and not Missouri, is going to the Orange Bowl. Lew Perkins worked the phones harder than Mike Alden over the past week or so, and it paid off. I say that with absolutely no insider scoop and may well be proven wrong when the papers come out tomorrow. But that’s the only reason that makes any sense to me. Then again, college football isn’t supposed to make any sense, so perhaps I’m over-thinking things.

Strangely enough, as KU fans were trying to figure out who to pull for in the Big 12 title game, there was a segment of the population that preferred going to the Cotton Bowl over a BCS bowl. We don’t recruit Arizona or Florida, the argument went, but spend a lot of time in Texas. Why not go to the Cotton Bowl and show off in front of all the Texas prospects? I’m taking the BCS bowl and running with it, though. There is no downside to being in a BCS bowl. We could lose by 60 and I won’t care. It’s a frickin’ BCS game, babe. I’m much happier to be playing Virginia Tech than Oklahoma, though. Tech is very good, but I think OU is much better than they are. Plus there’s the whole thrill of going to the Orange Bowl, even though it’s not really the Orange Bowl that I grew up watching.

Missouri-Arkansas should be an awesome game, which is a nice little subplot. I think there will be a few points scored that day.

Isn’t it ironic that in the season when just about everything possible happened in college football, we still have Ohio State and LSU playing for the title? Things might be changing rapidly, but at the top, it’s all still the same.

Funniest line I read today was from a commentator who wrote that Ohio State got to the title game the old fashioned way: off the field. If LSU can get healthy, I think they win by 10, though.

Gritty, gutty, ugly win for the basketball Jayhawks today as well. I think that win will look better later in the year, especially with KU playing about 2 1/2 guys down right now, than it does now. Good grief that was an ugly game. What is it about playing teams from LA that makes it so hard for KU to hit layups? Wasn’t it a little strange for KU to be playing USC today yet it wasn’t part of the Big 12 – Pac-10 series? Couldn’t they have moved it back a week or something to avoid confusion?