We made it. The bulk of the Christmas rush is over. I realized something this week. When you’re a kid, Christmas is like rolling a boulder up a mountain: it seems like it’s going to take forever to get to the big day. As an adult, though, it can be a bit like being in an avalanche: things start spinning out of control and you feel like everything is zipping by you at 1000 MPH.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great Christmas, but man did the last four days fly by. As we were putting the girls to bed last night, I thought, “Wow, Christmas is already over.”

Santa was very good to the B. family. The girls got matching dolls (they got the kind that cry, get rosy cheeks until you give them medicine, and then start laughing after you get them back to normal); and a retro kitchen set that includes a refrigerator, sink, and oven. Those were the big Santa gifts and they were very excited to get them. Their Mimi got them a very cool electronic keyboard since they both seem to enjoy making their own music. They’ve been banging away on the keys non-stop, and thankfully it came with a volume button.

M. was definitely more into things this year, getting so excited that she “helped” other people unwrap their gifts and a few times said, “I want to open more presents!” C. obviously had less an idea of what was going on, but seemed pretty pleased with the entire process.

Oh, and the Mrs. may have produced the greatest Christmas gift I’ve ever received. I’m still a bit in shock over it (no, it was not a positive pregnancy test) and not ready to share yet.

The real bonus of the whole holiday was C. deciding not to sleep on Christmas Eve. I was up with her for two hours, she finally went down for awhile, and then S. had to take her in the basement for the rest of the night because she wouldn’t sleep unless one of us was holding her. So we were both fried most of Christmas Day.
Christmas with the family was very good. We had seven of the nine kids in S.’s family here this year. The entire family will be reconvening in five weeks in Denver for sister-in-law #3’s (or is she #4?) wedding, so some of the trips home were shorter than in the past.

I’m sure there’s more but for now that will cover it.