Like a lot of parents, I struggle with how and when to push my kids. To be honest, I don’t push much: if they want to do something, I let them do it. If they aren’t interested, I’m not going to force them to kick a soccer ball for two hours. But I do think a lot about how I’ll handle these situations as they get older and begin getting into activities. What happens if M. seems to be a good singer? Or if C. appears to be a swimming prodigy at age five? Trying to find the line between encouraging/supporting and pushing too hard can be difficult when your child shows aptitude and interest in something.

Anyway, Christie N. Forwarded me <a href=”″>this article</a>, which features my man Malcolm Gladwell, and I thought it was awesome and something other parents should read. I think it’s good for us all to remember that just because our kids are good at something when they’re six or 12 or 21 does not mean they’re destined for fame and fortune because of those skills.