Gorgeous day today, so I was able to get the girls outside for a few hours. The neighbor kids also came out and eventually playground chalk made an appearance. 20 minutes later, C.’s face was completely covered in pink chalk, M.’s in blue. Hopefully the pictures turn out. Their normal Thursday morning bath came about 14 hours early.

S. got called into work unexpectedly tonight, so I had to scramble a bit to keep the girls occupied through the evening. After baths, dinner, and some general running around, I couldn’t stand turning the TV on to one of their shows. So, for some random reason, I decided to pop in my U2 Elevation tour DVD. Fantastic move. As soon as the lads launched into “Elevation,” both girls started jumping around the room. When I hopped up with them, they were in heaven. It was like their first concert! (I did have it turned up a little too loud.)

This bought me all kinds of time. I went through a few other up-tempo rockers, then sat down and skipped around to songs I like most. When I got to “Bad,” M. sat down by me, put her head on my chest, and watched with the appropriate amount of reverence for one of the greatest songs ever. At the end, when Bono is singing about desperation, isolation, etc., she looked at me and asked, “Is he saying celebration?” I figured it’s better for her to think that than learn that the song is really heroin addiction. That talk will come when she starts kindergarten.

I popped in Pearl Jam’s Touring Band 2000 disk for a few songs (“Corduroy” was a big hit), then ended with Neil Finn and Friends’ Seven Worlds Collide DVD. See, I started with the Beatles, which took, and am now moving deeper into daddy’s music catalog. Pretty soon, they’ll request my music instead of the Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, etc.

Brainwashing is easy, and fun.