What a freaking game. I kept thinking, “There is no way you can blow a lead this big,” when KU started to run out of gas in the first half. As Carolina crept closer in the second, I kept thinking, “Surely not.” As KU kept throwing lazy passes, taking quick shots, and otherwise making it easy for UNC to get back in the game, I thought, “Oh no.” When Tyler Hanbrough clearly committed an offensive foul yet Darrell Arthur got rung up for an and-one foul, I thought, “Oh shit.”

But my guys did it. Rodrick Stewart is playing the role of Archie Marshall. Sasha Kaun may be pulling a Chris Piper. And Darnell Jackson is quoting Piper, saying, “One more game.” On Monday, I get to watch my absolute favorite sports team play for a National Championship for the fourth time in my life. I’m a happy guy.

9:21 PM on Monday is a long, long way away.

Oh, and I never left the house. Probably because I was drinking and thought it better not to drive.

Once again, Rock Chalk bitches.