As I try to come up with all the funny things the girls are saying these days, here’s a quick teaser.

M. refers to anything that is brown as chocolate. She wants to wear her “chocolate” shoes or shirt or likes the chocolate dog or whatever. Her sister is following that example, although C. says “chock-u-late.”

As you can imagine, there are horrifying possibilities for this. Some day when we’re out in public one of the girls is going to say something about a “chocolate” (or chock-u-late) person. And I’m going to be flooded with liberal white guilt and shame.

This <a href=””>blog post</a> got me thinking about that. I think just about all parents fear their kids saying something that embarrasses them or worse makes someone else feel self-conscious or bad about themselves. Throwing the race card in just makes things worse. You hope when it does happen to you (and it will), that whoever they’re talking about has good humor and understanding about the whole thing (or better yet just doesn’t hear).