We’ve been trying to sign the girls up for swimming lessons using the city’s parks & rec website. We kept getting an error saying we were already registered in their system that we couldn’t work around. So S. called and got a fairly young guy on the phone. After a couple minutes of fruitless explanations of what she wanted, basically to have our password/account reset, he said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She just laughed, hung up, and called again today to talk to someone else.

The battery on her laptop tells us it is almost dead less than a year after she bought it. So I logged a point with Dell and got their traditional e-mail response that asks you to do about 1000 things before bugging them any further. My favorite part was a link to a section of their support site called The Dell Battery Center. When I click it, I get an error message that says the page does not exist. That explains why the battery is so shitty, I guess.