I feel comfortable saying the Celtics have this thing wrapped up, since they have a 31 point lead three minutes into the fourth quarter. I believe that’s what you call a comprehensive ass-kicking. So much for my Lakers in five pick.

Paul Pierce proves he’s one of the best players in the NBA, officially ascends as the second best NBA player to come out of KU, and puts a nice wrapper on the year of the Jayhawk (Bonus: Scot Pollard gets a ring as well!).

KG finally shakes his Great Guy, Not A Winner label with a huge game six. The Kid was a monster tonight.

And perhaps best, Ray Allen found his shot for the Finals. It was sad watching one of the most beautiful shots in the game desert him in the early rounds. Another nice guy who is worthy of a ring.

And where was Kobe? He had some nice moments but he completely disappeared for long stretches as well. If he gets credit for nothing else, Doc Rivers deserves credit for figuring out how to contain Kobe.

Ray Allen has hit three more threes since I started typing this. Amazing. I could watch that shot all day. The only thing that could ruin this is if Lamar Odom throws a punch, which he seems like he’s poised to do.

One final point: all this Boston sports success started after my brother-in-law moved to Boston to attend Boston University seven years ago. The Patriots winning three Super Bowls. Defeating The Curse. And now the Celtics win their first title in over 20 years. The kid has some karma, apparently. He needs to start going to some Bruins games, I guess.