This is how strange a spring it has been: today, June 17, is the first morning this year that I’ve spent most of my time in our three-season-room/sunroom/screened-in porch, or whatever this room is called. Most of the spring it’s been too chilly to hang out in here anytime before lunch. Over the last couple weeks, it’s been hot and muggy, too much so to come out even in the mornings. Plus, when the girls get annoying in the morning, sometimes we just open the door, shoo them out here, and stay inside to get a little peace. I’ve missed these gentle morning breezes.

When I exchange e-mails with people, they always ask about S. and how she’s feeling. The general answer is pretty good, but tired. A couple weeks back was the busiest week she’s ever had at work, and you could see she was having a much harder time recovering than she did two kids, or even one kid, ago. I’m pretty sure I’d be on permanent bedrest if I had to gestate a child, so I’m impressed with her ability to stay upright.

All continues to look good on her visits to the doctor. We’re over half-way there now, and should schedule the official date for the c-section sometime in July. Expect it to be the week of Sept. 29 – Oct. 3.

We haven’t talked names for awhile, but the last time we did, we got it narrowed down to 5-7. That can all change, of course. We’re struggling with finding a name that isn’t too much like M. or C.. I’ve decided I need to be able to yell at any of the three girls from any part of the house and have the correct girl come to me. So no Morgans. S. found a name that we both really liked. It fit our Celtic requirement, is not one you hear every day – or even every week – and had the proper strong girl connotation we’re looking for. But, it had kind of a wacky Irish spelling, which made it hard to pronounce. I loved this name, but even as I looked at the list, I kept saying it wrong. So it got nixed. We don’t want to curse our kids by giving them names they’re constantly having to correct the pronunciation of. Also, we’re facing the challenge of not picking a name that someone in our group of friends has already claimed. There is one particular name that a long-time friend has used, but this long-time friend is not someone we see on a regular basis (this long-time friend knows the name is under consideration), so we’ve discussed if it’s ok to use it. For now, it’s still on the list. Naming a kid shouldn’t be this hard!

So, we’ve got this list that we haven’t looked at much lately. I would say there are three names I really like right now. A week from now, I might think something completely different. We didn’t think we’d have a M. or C. when we were 22 weeks along with either of them.