I guess there’s some big thing going on tomorrow (or more likely today, depending on when you’re reading this). All I know is I voted last week but for some reason I still won’t be able to buy beer tomorrow, which I think is garbage. This country might be a better place if you could get loaded before you voted.*

I think I use this line after every election.
I must say, early voting is the greatest invention since democracy itself. I’m not sure how conservatives like George Will and Fred Barnes can say, with a straight face, it’s a bad thing. Anything that gives eligible voters a greater chance to participate is a good thing. Because, you know, participation is the key element of democracy.

So, my sympathies to those of you who will be waiting in lines tomorrow.

I don’t know that I’ll be doing my 10,000 summation of election night as I did four years ago. I only had one kid then and it’s hard to find that kind of keyboard time these days. I do plan on connecting with a certain election party in Kansas City via iChat, so I may get to share my thoughts live with some of you.

Four years ago I made some bold predictions, based mostly on wishful thinking and belief that the movement the polls showed in the final days would be exaggerated on Election Night. Whoops.

This year, I don’t expect any big surprises. The polls at the national level have been steady for weeks. At the state level, there has been some tightening in a couple important states, but not enough to swing the election. Based on my most recent visit to 270towin.com, I have it at Obama 364, McCain 174. I think there’s one more state that could flip blue but I won’t call it.** I see Barack’s ceiling at 390, his floor at 278. At the popular vote level, I’ll go out on a limb and say Barack gets 52% of the vote to McCain’s 47%, with others grabbing the last 1%.

** I think Indiana stays red. Barely. But, if Barack does win here, the networks are going to lose a lot of viewers, because the race will be over early.

No matter who you support, or are against, I hope you have either voted or plan on getting out tomorrow.