The President is telling us to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we sneeze and cough.

The state health commissioner here suggests that we no longer shake hands, but rather bow to each other or bump elbows in greetings and goodbyes.*

Wacky wild times we’re living in, friends.

(What’s that? Bumping elbows? Is that like the fist bump the Obamas shared on national TV last year? Oh God, the terrorists really have won!)

We have a friend who was supposed to go to Cabo this weekend. She called for advice from S. on what she should do. After they talked, we talked over what we would do if we were leaving this weekend rather than two months from now. The last time I checked the outbreak map, Cabo seemed to be clear, and we have a relative that was in Mexico a couple weeks ago who came back fine. So we are both confident we could make it in-and-out ok. We agreed, though, we wouldn’t want to bring anything back and give it to either L. or a few other relatives who have compromised immune systems. We also talked to one of our friends who is traveling with us in June. I liked the way she summed it up:
<blockquote>”Hopefully things will get better by then and we can still go. But I’ll tell you one thing for sure: I’m going somewhere nice on June 15.”</blockquote>
<a href=””>This is an interesting blog</a> that’s been linked to by a couple others that I read. If you’re interested in reading the view from Mexico, you might bookmark it.