Part Two of the B. girls update.

L.’s full of tricks, too.

She’s crawling like a mad-girl, all over the place and getting fast enough to be dangerous. A week or two ago you could put her down on the floor, run to the other side of the room and get something done. Now, she’s on your heels the entire time. I had to pick her up and move her back to the living room three times tonight when I was doing dishes.

She’s also pulling up on everything that she can get her hands on. We have a push walker that she has suddenly started moving around. I don’t think walking is imminent, but I bet she’ll be closer to C.’s 11 months than M.’s 13 months for starting to walk.

Tooth number four is just pushing through her gums. All four front ones appear to be coming in normally. We’ve been working to move her towards solid foods, but most of the time she shows no interest. Which is weird, because when we first busted the cereals and baby foods out she went right at them. For the past few weeks, though, anytime we feed her she literally spits the food out at us. We may need to try some different flavors, although even the sweeter foods don’t seem to do the trick. She does enjoy the occasional Cheerio. She’s also a big fan of eating paper, which isn’t something I shared with the pediatrician at her nine-month check-up.

Then again, the spitting food may not be related to food at all. One of her favorite things to do is to crawl around, play with her toys, while spitting and making raspberry noises the entire time. She’ll do that for 10 minutes straight some times.

We won’t talk about sleeping. It looks like we’ll go 1-3 when it comes to good sleepers in this family.

When she’s not tired or hungry, she’s about the happiest baby in the world.* I think this is my favorite stage, around nine months when they get mobile and develop personalities and are delighted by everything. I love how she’s not just interactive, but initiates play now. It’s such a clear and enjoyable sign that she’s not going to be a baby for a whole lot longer. I’m going to enjoy the next six months or so before the whining kicks in.

(I believe I’ve said that with all three girls. We’ve been very fortunate.)