I’ve been searching for reasons to continue to pay attention to the Royals between now and the beginning of football season. It would be easier to spend my evenings listening to the Cardinals or Red Sox or Dodgers or some other contending team so the nights were full of entertainment rather than misery. I must admit, though, it is kind of like an auto race at this point. I’m just watching for the accidents. You really never know how this team is going to blow a game.

According to at least one transplanted Kansas Citian, though, the rest of the baseball world still cares about the Royals. That’s reason enough for me. For another week or two.

<a href=”http://pitchersandpoets.com/2009/07/17/fountains-of-greinke/”>Fountains Of Greinke</a> –
<blockquote>In short, it’s been a rough 23 years. But it’s been a rough two decades for Pirates, Rangers, and Brewers fans too, with the D.C. area set to join us. What’s unique about the Royals’ struggles is that people like you – Dodgers and Sox and Yanks fans – seem, strangely, to care about the Royals.</blockquote>