We survived week one of school. M. did fantastic, for the most part. We had a few challenges with afternoon pickup once she began full days, but those were all parental errors and we had smoothed them out by Friday. S. was off last week, so hopefully things continue as smoothly this week when I’m on my own.

M. seemed to have a great time each day. She was always happy and excited about what she had done that day when we picked her up. By Friday she had a BFF and was planning a play date with her. We’ll see if how soon she has a new BFF. Also, when she hopped into the van Friday, she screamed that she had lost a tooth. We didn’t even know it was loose, but tooth #5 popped out during recess. Quite a cap to her first week.

Last week was also the first week of high school football here in Indiana. I was originally scheduled to cover a game, but as one of our sister papers was already covering it, my editor chose to pick up their story rather than send me. I was pumped for the season to begin, so was a little disappointed to not get out for week one. I am scheduled to cover what should be an excellent game this week, though. I get to see a solid 5A team play the #1 3A team in the state. This will be the first game I’ve been assigned to that isn’t a blowout, at least on paper. I’m not holding my breath, though.