Scene: A father and his three daughters are cruising in the family Swagger Wagon. Father is flipping through radio stations and passes the local retro station, which is playing DeBarge’s “Rhythm of the Night.”

M: “Oooh, dad, turn it back.”

Dad: “OK. You like this song?”

M: “Yes! Is it the same man who sings the werewolf song?”

D: Laughing “No, that’s Michael Jackson. This man sounds like him a little, though. His name is El DeBarge.”

M: “What???”

D: “El DeBarge. It’s kind of a silly name, isn’t it?”

M: “Yes. Dad, is it old music?”

D: “Yes, I was 13 or 14 when this song was out.”

M: “Oh, ok. So it is old. I like that man’s voice.”

C: “Hey, that’s not a man singing!”

D: “Yes it is, C. He just sounds kind of like a woman, doesn’t he?”

C: “That’s a man singing?!?!”

D: “Yes, everyone’s voice is different and some men sing a little like woman.”

C: “That’s not a girl singing?”

D: “No.”

C: “Are you sure, dad?”