Let’s cross some more T’s and dot some more I’s. Or whatever. In other words, clearing out some of the junk in my head.

High school football playoffs start tonight in Indiana. I’m assigned to what I expect to be a big blowout, with my team on the short end. Several of our teams have tough games in the first round, so there’s a decent chance this will be my last week covering football. Girls basketball starts in three weeks, so things will pick up again soon.

This week’s Modern Family was hilarious. Most of them are, but something about this week’s was especially great. In many ways, it wasn’t the typical episode where everything is wrapped up by the end. But there were a lot of moments of absurdity that the show does incredibly well. Gloria’s car alarm yelling. Cameron’s impromptu Cherokee. The bar of soap phone. Good stuff.

That said, Community has been right there with Modern Family every week so far this season.1 Shame Parks & Rec isn’t around to add to the fun. It’s a contest where the audience is the big winner.

The wife and I signed up to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon next May. It’s been a goal of mine since we moved here, and I even signed up once but never got around to training and sold my number to a friend. There’s no room for excuses anymore! It’s go time! What better way to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of running 26.2 than by doing 13.1?

I’ve barely watched the baseball playoffs this year. I’m pleased the Yankees are on the verge of defeat, but refuse to count them out yet. More difficult to believe is that the Phillies are in the same predicament. It sure seemed like the Phillies getting through the NL playoffs unscathed was the easiest bet of the postseason.

The Colts bye week is traditionally a quiet week in Indy. That’s not the case this week. Joseph Addai got banged up in Washington and his prognosis is uncertain. Austin Collie just had hand surgery and is expected to miss several weeks. And now word has broken that Dallas Clark is seeing a hand specialist. Some reports say he could miss the rest of the season. That does not bode well for the second half of the season. If the Colts manage to get to 10 or 11 wins this year, it might be the finest effort of the Manning-era.

We’ve been super lucky health-wise this fall. Last year we were constantly sick from the second week of school to nearly Thanksgiving. C. and L. got smacked by colds this week, and we had an enjoyable L. puking on the floor incident this morning. Kids are awesome.

Happy weekend to you.

  1. I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet.