First, yes, another visual change to the blog.

If you’ve been checking in during the late evenings over the past week, you may have noticed various changes on each visit. I continued to tweak my initial choice of theme on Squarespace 6. Instead of getting more pleased with my choices, I liked it less and less. So I explored the other options available. Eventually I settled on what you are now looking at, which I will likely/probably/perhaps stick with for a while. I like the combination of readability and minimal eye candy. The downside is it is pretty much a stock theme, so there will be other blogs out there with a similar look. Oh well.

When I was still on WordPress, I had hacked together a way to do ‘linked list’ posts. As you may recall, if a post was a link to something else, there was a visual cue in the subject line. I believe I used a double arrow or something. Anyway, Squarespace 6 has that built in, so I’ll start using it. If a post is mostly a link to something else with some comments from me, you’ll see an arrow in the title, telling you to click through for the original.

OK, week one at St. P’s is complete. I’ll call it a complete success. No calls or notes from teachers. No meltdowns at pick-up time. No trouble getting the girls up and put the door in the mornings. No complaints about kids treating them poorly in class or at recess. Not that we expected any of that, but with the high emotion of the first week, I was prepared for anything.

C. has been happy at pickup each day. She usually gets a little cranky at night, but has done very well. The highlight of her first week seems to be having a girl named Isabella in her class. That’s been her favorite name for a long time. Her favorite doll is named Isabella. Her fish is named Isabella. When she plays, she likes to be Isabella. So naturally she started hanging out with Isabella on day one. When I asked her if she did that just because of her name, first she laughed and said yes. Then she quickly turned serious and added, “But she’s really nice, Dad.” Perfect.

And now L. is having an even harder time waiting for her class to start.

High school football starts tonight in Indiana. I did not get a game this week but already have assignments for the next two weeks. Which is kind of a bummer because it is going to be an absolutely perfect night for football tonight. Perhaps it’s best, though, as M. has an 8:00 AM soccer game across town tomorrow morning.

Happy weekend.