I recently came across a new classic rock station1 that has a “Twelve O’Clock Double Shot” lunch show. Which is great, because I pick up L. at 1:00 so while I’m sitting in line waiting for the kids to come out, I get to listen to the last few minutes of the program.

One day last week I lucked into a Motley Crüe block. It was a gorgeous day, so the windows were down. I may have turned the radio up just a hair louder than appropriate for a preschool pick-up line. And I may have been playing air drums a little too demonstrably. But it was “Girls, Girls, Girls,” what the hell was I supposed to do? Just sit there? I think not.

I was snapped out of my reverie when I noticed Father T. walking by. I casually reached up, reduced the volume, and gave him a friendly nod. Fortunately, he was engaged in conversation with someone, so if he heard the Crüe, he did not give me any looks about it. Later I remembered that this was the same priest who quoted the Rolling Stones at L’s baptism,2 so while the Crüe might be a little heavy for his tastes, he has an appreciation for good music. I bet he not only heard the music, but he was also playing a little mental air guitar, too.

  1. Well, it’s new to me. It’s a Muncie station, so perhaps it’s always been there but they just upped their power and now they reach Indy. 
  2. As usual for me at church, I tuned out his homily. Until I heard him say, “…but as the Rolling Stones said, ‘You can’t always get what you want.’” That I liked.