House policy is that our girls get to have a big party, where friends are invited, for their birthday every fifth year. Which meant this was the year L. got to do something. Following in the footsteps of both of her big sisters, she selected Monkey Joe’s for two hours of jumping around. We waited until her school was on fall break so we could do it while M. and C. were in class, which meant yesterday was her big day. And she took advantage.

We rolled in about 15 minutes early and one girl was already there. So as soon as they had their wristbands on, they were off and running. Or off and bouncing I guess. We invited sixteen kids; all of her class and several of her buddies from last year that are in the 4’s class this fall. Every few minutes you’d see L. running full speed with a flock of seven or eight friends behind her. When it was time for cake, she and most of her friends were completely soaked.

The present part of the day was pretty funny. Some of the kids, and their parents, have known L. for a couple years. And a couple other moms asked me beforehand what she was in to. So let’s say half the attendees understood she prefers Super Heroes, Ninja Turtles, etc. I knew the combination of gifts was going to be interesting.

There was a pretty wide range of loot. She came home with a Leonardo Ninja Turtle action figure, a red Power Ranger (Which matches her Halloween costume), a Ninja Turtle game, a Captain America mask, a pile of Super Heroes books and coloring books. But she also got two Barbies, a Barbie swimming pool, and a My Little Pony castle. There was also some Play-Doh and a bunch of artsy stuff. Just like I expected, she loved it all. Although she did take the Power Ranger to bed with her last night.

It was funny talking to a few of the moms about L.. She seems to have palled up a little bit with one girl this year, but she still spends as much time with the boys. One mom told me her boys talk about L. all the time. Sure enough, any time I saw L. Monday, they were right behind her. It’s going to be funny how things go next year at St. P’s. Two of her best friends from St. E’s will be in her class, so I wonder if she’s going to be the leader from day one since some of her buddies will be there to follow her lead.

I think she had a great time. She’s been a little overwhelmed by all the gifts and quieter than normal since her party ended. This morning she wouldn’t even talk to me she was so busy playing before school. Hopefully all the fun and goodies will tide her over until her next party in five years. I think M. took about five seconds after she got home yesterday to remind us that next summer will be her 10th birthday, and thus time for her next party. And C. is already planning her 10th, which is 2 1/2 years off.