Day: November 7, 2014

⦿ Friday Links

I failed to share links last week, so I’ll do it the way I originally planned and get caught up on a Friday.

Still a few baseball things to get through. I’ll begin with a tech tip that could have been very useful when the playoffs began. But save it somewhere safe for next year.

Jason Snell explains how to combine the video and crowd noise of the national TV broadcasts with the audio of the local announcing team. It’s pretty great, if you have good local announcers.

How to make TV sports announcers shut up

Will Leitch updated his most tortured baseball fan base list this week. (Kind of) surprisingly, the Royals only fell one spot after their October run.

Most Tortured Fans In Baseball: 2014

Jim Caple took a very interesting look at how playoff shares get divided up by baseball teams. There are some good stories in here.

Money talks: The postseason share

Finally, this is an absolutely stunning article that is both about Greg Maddux, and not about him at all. It’s also about baseball and friendship and addiction and tragedy and survival and guilt and moving on and, really, one thousand other things beyond one of the greatest pitchers to ever heave a sphere.

Ironically, sadly, or perhaps just coincidentally, I was reading it between innings the night that Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras died in a car accident.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At Greg Maddux

Moving on, what if Prince and Morrissey sat down and discussed how to handle recording and releasing music in the post-iTunes world? Kenneth Partridge imagines that conversation and how the two 80s icons could help get each other’s mojo back.

What Morrissey and Prince could teach each other about the music business

Rolling Stone has a long interview with Stephen King, something he does not do very often these days. If you’re a fan, it’s a must read.

I liked this passage, which might just make an awful lot of sense.

…we’ve been listening to the stars for 50 years, looking for any signs of life, and there’s been nothing but silence. When you see what’s going on in the world today, and you have all this conflict, and our technological expertise has far outraced our ability to manage our own emotions – you see it right now with ISIS – what’s the solution? The only solution we see with ISIS is to bomb the shit out of those motherfuckers so that they just can’t roll over the world. And that’s what’s scary about that silence – maybe all intelligent races hit this level of violence and technological advances that they can’t get past. And then they just puff out. You hit the wall and that’s it.

Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview

Last week word broke that a fragment of Amelia Earhart’s plane was found on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. Since then, there has been some questioning of whether the methodology used to identify the part means it actually came from her plane. Still, it’s crazy how people are still looking for her plane, and many of us are still interested, nearly 80 years later.

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified

Finally, not of interest to everyone, but a Miami Heat NBA preview article focused on my man Mario Chalmers, who just might be the most confident dude to ever play the game. These stories aren’t new, but I always love hearing how he thinks he’s the best player in the game. It makes me laugh every time.

Don’t Blame It On Rio

Friday Vid

“Brill Busters” – The New Pornographers
We’re just about a month away from when I’ll begin unveiling my 20 favorite songs of the year. The top ten is pretty locked in. The second ten has some flux in it. And then there’s a third group of 10–15 songs that I’m still debating whether they deserve to slip into the top 20.

This song falls somewhere between 15 and 35 right now. It’s pretty great, but doesn’t really break any new ground for the always excellent New Pornographers.

Crank it up and enjoy.

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