Day: February 20, 2015

⦿ Friday Links

Man, do I love Chipotle. I would eat there all the time if I didn’t know, in the back of my mind, that my 43-year-old metabolism isn’t built to process that much food that often. I have enough trouble getting through the holidays and winter without gaining 10 lbs. as it is.

After reading this breakdown of how many calories and how much sodium the most popular ordering options pack, I may stretch out the gaps between my visits even longer. I’m pretty sure that even though I subtract the beans from my carnitas burrito, between that half-cup of guac I have them throw on and the bag of chips I usually down with it, I’m in the 2000 calorie range.

I hate it when we things we fear are confirmed.

At Chipotle, How Many Calories Do People Really Eat?

This is a super cool, very detailed, and lengthy look inside how The New York Times is produced and distributed each day.

How The New York Times Works

Some more SNL stuff.

First, there may be no greater expert on the show’s history than critic Tom Shales. He offered up some thoughts about the show’s anniversary over the weekend. And, as seems required, he rips Chevy a lot.

Comedy Mountain: 40 Years of ‘Saturday Night Live’

And I just found this earlier today. It’s a collection of sketches that probably got zero consideration for inclusion in Sunday’s anniversary show, but are worth watching. I watched a few and will likely run through and watch some more shortly.

40 Less-Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches That We Love Anyway

As we argue about vaccines, climate change, and other scientific matters, those of us on one side of the debate wonder how the hell people can put their heads in the sand and ignore what seems perfectly reasonable to us.

National Geographic tries to determine why so many people have a hard time accepting science.

Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

And finally, a pretty fantastic interview/profile of Kobe Bryant. Quite simply there’s never been anyone quite like him, not just in the NBA, but in all of American professional sports. I can’t think of anyone else who was the clear best player in his sport for close to a decade, but was also so polarizing and simply did not give a fuck.

Kobe Bryant Will Always Be an All-Star of Talking

Friday Vid

“Turn Me Up” – Twin Shadow
I’ve listened to a little of Twin Shadow’s music over the years. There’s a growing buzz for his next album, which will come out in March. Based on this performance on Letterman, and a quick listen to the three tracks available on Rdio, I’m really looking forward to it, too.

I think it is odd, though, that so many people have said this song makes them think of Prince. It doesn’t sound anything like a Prince song to me. Just because a black man mixes R&B and rock and plays some nasty guitar does not mean you have to compare him to Prince.

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