Day: February 27, 2015

⦿ Friday Links

To kick off the week’s links, one that I did not find until last Sunday, but would have been better suited for last week’s edition. Early 1980’s SNL cast member Gary Kroeger shared his observations from the anniversary reunion/broadcast. It’s really awesome. I love his interaction with the Mannings and his son’s reaction to meeting certain stars.

Backstage at SNL’s 40th

I’m sure many of you who are parents heard about this earlier this week. In a study, some physicians found that introducing peanuts into the diets of infants dramatically reduced their likelihood of developing peanut allergies.

Eating peanuts prevents allergy

Your long-read of the week is this fascinating piece by Jeff Wise. He was a mainstay of CNN’s coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner last spring. Over time, he’s developed a theory about what happened to the plane.

Now, I did not follow the coverage of the missing plane all that closely. So, at first blush, this seems like absolute lunacy. And perhaps it is.

But what I love about this piece, and the interview I heard with Wise on NPR, is that he completely acknowledges that he might be nuts. As much as presenting his theory and the evidence he bases it on, he offers a commentary on how our modern media covers massive events. It is also a statement on how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole, as he puts it. When you accept one piece of information that goes against mainstream belief, it becomes much easier to begin accepting everything that challenges the official story.

How Crazy Am I To Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?

Going in a completely different direction, Grantland sent Matt Taibbi to Indy to cover the NFL Draft Combine. Like most things that he writes, it’s excellent.

…The new reality-show format subjects the draft entrants to a hilarious nine-week stretch of goofball obstacle courses and campy personality tests that collectively play out on TV like a cross between Battle of the Network Stars and the Miss America pageant, with a faint but troubling whiff of 1830s slave auction mixed in.

America’s Second-Greatest Reality Show: A Visit to the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis

A lot of writers, or wanna-be writers as I should call myself, fetishize writing implements. Whole corners of the Internet are devoted to discussing fountain pens, paper notebooks, writing spaces, and the most effective software writing workflows. And writers love typewriters.

I admit there is a certain nostalgic pull on me by typewriters, which makes me recall when I received one for Christmas one year and spent the next few months manically typing letters to anyone I had an address for.

But, perhaps because I grew up on electronic typewriters, as cool as I think the machines are to look at, I’ve never been drawn to using one again as some folks are.

So this article, about one of the last typewriter repairmen in New York, hit me perfectly. It’s cool to read about a man who keeps these ancient machines working. But I’ll still go with my Apple and Logitech keyboards to enter text into virtual piece of paper, thank you.

The Last of the Typewriter Men

I bet you learn something new and useful if you scroll through this list.

57 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Cook Right Now

File Under: Why Do We Need To Change?

If you’re going to adjust the day new albums comes out, it really should be Monday and not Friday.

The record industry will make Friday the standard release day for all albums

And finally, a brain teaser to close out the week. How many Division 1 basketball schools can you name in 20 minutes? This is kind of maddening, especially after you see the schools you missed. Also, note it has not been updated for this year, so at least one major school is still listed in its old conference.

Oh, I got 179 correct.

College Basketball Teams Quiz

Friday Vid

“Pedestrian At Best” – Courtney Barnett

In terms of music, it’s been a slow start to the year. Some solid songs, but there has yet to be a great album. Each Tuesday I check the new releases, hoping for something exciting and amazing that I want to listen to on repeat for days. But each week I’m disappointed.

Although it is still over three weeks from its official release, Courtney Barnett’s Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit promises to break that drought. Which should not be a surprise; Barnett is kind of fantastic.

I would not object to a fine album or two coming out between now and March 24. But it’s good to know that something great is not too far around the corner. Who knows, it might even feel like spring by then!

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