Man oh man. May is here!

April freaking flew by, with the three girls playing different sports and locking up our calendar just about every afternoon or evening of the month.

Along the way it got seasonably warm, then we suddenly had a stretch of about 10 days with below-normal temps. But then, gloriously, last Friday the sun came out, the mercury raced well past 70 and has stayed there since. Some showers today are a brief respite before what is expected to be the longest continuous streak of days over 80 in May in over a decade here in Indy. The girls are all wearing shorts to school, the windows are open, and (knock on wood) there will be no more mornings where I have to turn the furnace on for 20 minutes to take the chill out of the house while everyone preps for the day.

Everything is turning green, the yard looks fantastic, almost all the trees have burst out with leaves.

All this is good. Winter wasn’t as bad as the past two, but that late shock in February and early March was a cruel reminder of our latitude. We deserve a nice, long, warm May to lead us into summer.