“Major Tom” – Peter Schilling

I have a bad habit of loading up our DVR with shows that I either take months to watch, or eventually delete without ever viewing them. Even for a show like The Americans, that I absolutely adore, I was a month behind. I still have the entire first season of Better Call Saul to begin.[1] I have countless Anthony Bourdain shows tucked away. And I believe I still have a couple episodes of Louie in there somewhere.

This morning I finally watched the premiere episode of Deutschland 83, which aired back in June. It hits a huge sweet spot for me: an early ‘80s, Cold War-centric, espionage show. It doesn’t come close to The Americans but I enjoyed it.

Episode One had lots of great early 80s hits in it, but I figured I’d go with this, which is featured in the title sequence.

  1. I still need to watch the final half-season of Breaking Bad before I dive into Saul.  ↩