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A super-busy start to the week. I’m attempting to wrap up the four basketball previews I’m writing. I was minutes away from submitting one earlier this morning when I realized I worked off two different files yesterday rather than putting all my updates into my final draft. So I spent two stressful hours today combing through to find what belonged in the final draft, what did not, and then rewriting the whole thing. Kind of blew my whole day.

Tonight we’re off to the semifinals of the city kickball tournament. M’s team is playing another undefeated team. We have no idea how good they are. They could be awesome and rolled through a tough division. Or they could have been kicking teams by 30 runs like M’s team did and have a deceptive record. I think all the coaches (and parents) are a little nervous. We’ll find out if that was misplaced stress in a few hours.

Sunday C. and L. came up with their own workout plan. We’re not sure what exactly caused this, but they spent the afternoon coming up with exercises and writing them down on pieces of paper. Then they closed to door to our bonus room, where I do my workouts, and got to sweatin’.

Their routine is pretty great. Here it is; spellings are all theirs:

10 seconds of craking your back 2 ways
10 seconds of hamies
10 seconds of bakword hamies
10 jumping jacks
butterfly for 10 seconds
cross your legs and touch your toes for 10 seconds
hurtle streatch for 10 seconds

And then there was this:

On the flip side is this:
10 seconds of thoes bakwards

That made us laugh out loud. We could imagine what was going through C’s head, “Well, I’m not sure what you call this, so I’ll just draw a picture.”

Best we can tell is it is some kind of squat thrust, or maybe a standing and then lying-down yoga pose. The picture leaves lots of room for your imagination.

Another component of their workout plan was to skip treats after dinner for a week. They put a big sign on the refrigerator that said “No treats foar C. and L. all weak. Sunday-Saturday.”

When they got home from school yesterday, I asked L. why they gave up treats. Her response, “I didn’t want to. C. made me do it.”

I told her if she didn’t want to give them up, she didn’t have to. It was her choice. She disappeared for a few minutes and then came back with a new sign. She slapped it on the fridge and threw the old one in the trash. The new one says, “No treats for C. all week.” And at the bottom, in smaller writing, it says, “Sorry C. I wanted a treat. Love, L.”

Great stuff!

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  1. Stace

    Will you please find out what a “backward hamie” is? I probably need to do some of those too. Love those girls!

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