I’m loving a lot of things right now, pop culturally. I took a long bike ride this morning and mentally wrote at least 10,000 words about the new Ryan Adams album. We’ll see if I can make something coherent out of those thoughts to share here. I just finished an amazing, if flawed, book that took me nearly a month to get through. I also finally started watching Veep, which is fantastic.

And then there’s this little gem. It’s charming enough on its own. But if you were a child of the late 70s, I think it resonates a little more. I remember my neighbors and I making our own Millennium Falcon out of random cardboard boxes we taped together. And then there is the hilarious, but completely accurate, co-mingling of various toys. Who didn’t throw army men, a dinosaur, or a stray Barbie into your Star Wars action figure games? Whatever was around and could serve a purpose became part of your Star Wars universe.