“What Is Life” – George Harrison

When I opened Apple Music today to scan the new releases, I noticed that George Harrison’s music is now available to stream. Which is weird because within just the last week or so I heard one of his songs on SiriusXM and wondered if his solo work had ever been cleared for streaming. As I recalled, only a song or two that appeared on soundtracks or compilations had been available in the past. Good timing!

So, while I have the new Beach House, Deerhunter, and Neon Indian albums queued up to listen to later, I’ve been enjoying some of George’s songs so far this morning.

If you asked a random sampling of people what the best song by an ex-Beatle was, I bet you’d get a list, in some order, that included “Imagine,” “Live And Let Die,” “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and “My Sweet Lord.” Although, let’s be honest, a lot of folks would forget the George track and throw in something like “Band On The Run” or “Woman.”

I’d argue this is the best-ever post-Beatles song by one of the Fab Four. The guitar riff that defined “Harrison-esque” that is still mimicked today. The incredible Phil Spector, Wall of Sound production. That little blast of south-of-the-border horns. And a perfect chorus that has been sung along to on car rides for over 40 years now.