Day: April 28, 2017

Friday Photo

Onward, Upward Fuji X-T2 18mm at f/5.6, 1/600 sec, ISO 200

Where/when do I take the pictures I share here and on Instagram? Most weeks I will devote part of one day to taking a long photo walk. Sometimes I’ll go to an urban area to shoot architecture and people, other days I’ll pick a park or trail system to focus on landscapes and nature.

This week I took a long walk in nearby Zionsville. I walked on two trails and then through its historic downtown area. While I was on the trail, I crossed paths twice with an older woman[1] who was out for a morning run. The first time, as I was headed up the trail and she was headed down, we nodded and said hello. Fifteen minutes later, after we had both reversed course, she stopped and asked if I was taking pictures of birds or something else. I told her I was just out shooting anything that caught my interest. She asked how often I shot, and I shared what I told you above: once a week I take a long walk with my camera. She said, “That’s wonderful, and a very healthy hobby, too. Good for you!” Then she wished me good day and continued her run.

I share that story just because it’s kind of funny, not because it has anything to do with this picture. I took this one a week ago while in the Fortville area. I liked the leading lines toward the big sledding hill, and how the sun was breaking through the clouds just enough to make the hill pop a bit.

  1. I’m guessing around 60, but a rather attractive and fit 60.  ↩

Friday Playlist

Some really good, brand new music to share this week.

“Shine On Me” – Dan Auerbach. The lead single off the Black Keys’ vocalist’s second solo album sounds like Beck channeling George Harrison. Which means it’s fabulous as hell, and perfect for spring and early summer.

“Silver” – Waxahatchee. Katie Crutchfield has written some great songs over the years, but this might be her best yet.

“Bleeding Blue” – Woods. Love the subtle 1960s nods and that fresh horn line that anchor this song.

“Thinking Of A Place” – The War On Drugs. Here’s the big one! Released on vinyl last week for Record Store Day, the first single from TWOD album IV is just about everything you would expect the next evolution of the band to be. Strap yourself in for an 11-plus minute journey filled with dreamy synths, soaring guitar solos, and moody atmospherics. No official release date for the new album yet, but I’m already getting antsy.

“Right Now” – HAIM. I’ve already read two articles saying this summer, and the rest of 2017, is going to be all about HAIM. And as this Paul Thomas Anderson helmed video shows, that isn’t idle hyperbole. They seem poised to be the biggest thing in music when their album hits in June. They’re pop, rock, indie, soulful, and somehow seem to cross just about every demographic line that has divided up the music world in the digital age. Get ready to either love them, or be totally sick of them. Because the Haim sisters are going to be everywhere for the next 6-8 months.

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