“Day at Work” – Nouveau Vélo. Man, I was sure these guys were Australian until I looked them up. They’re Dutch?!?! That jangle sounds straight out of Sydney to me.

“My Smile Is Extinct” – Kane Strang. Now this cat is from the South Pacific, although New Zealand rather than Australia. A great example of taking depressing lyrics and hiding them behind a bouncy melody to hide their pain.

“Holding On” – The War on Drugs. TWOD album 4, A Deeper Understanding, due August 25. Already pretty wound up for it and dusting off my Album of the Year spot for it.

“Ice Cream and Sunscreen” – Martha. Your summer song for the week.

“Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey” – The Beatles. We’re off to KC for the weekend tomorrow. Hopefully we get to hear this Sunday at the end of the Royals game.