Fufjifilm X-T2, 23.3mm, 1/75 second at f/3.2, ISO 3200

In general I’m quite pleased with our home. There are small things I would tweak here and there, one major structural change I would have liked the builders to have considered. But those are minor quibbles, and we have no desire to move any time soon.

Still, from a photographic point of view, our house frustrates me. Or actually our lot frustrates me. Our property is filled with trees, almost all to the west side of the house. So we never see the sun set. In fact, it gets dark at our house about an hour earlier than actual sunset thanks to our grove of 30-40 foot trees.

Every night the local weather folks post pictures gorgeous sunsets around Indiana and I sit on my couch and grumble. Sure, I could walk, bike, or drive a couple blocks away if I really wanted to catch a good sunset. But that’s usually not the first thing on my mind at that time of day.

Thus I was thrilled to snap this pic last Friday when we were at the local church festival. It’s not an A+ sunset pic. But I was still glad to get some range of colors from the final oranges of the day to the gradual shift to the dark blues of night.