“The Possibility” – Worriers. A cool little rave up by a band I would have sworn was from Ireland. Don’t the vocals have a Cranberry-esque sound to them? Turns out they’re from Brooklyn, like 87% of the bands in the indie world.

“All There Is” – Guggi Data. Guggi – AKA Gustav Data Andersson – is from the Swedish band Makthaverskan. This is his second solo single, which is beautiful in a wistful kind of way.

“Glide” – The Dream Syndicate. Another band returning from a long hiatus, this time all the way back to before I graduated from high school! The last Dream Syndicate album came in 1988. Think about how many things have changed in the world – dramatically – since then. Trump was just a shitty wannabe celebrity who seemed harmless despite his gigantic ego. If only we could have stopped him then… Anyway, this is a pretty solid song, somehow both dense and light at the same time.

“I Wish I Was A Bird” – Luke Rathborne. This song reminds me a lot of Phosphorescent’s epic “Song For Zula” from a couple years back. There’s a similarity in structure and in some of the music. But they’re still very different songs.

“Open Your Heart” – Madonna. Consequence of Sound listed their top 20 Madonna songs earlier this week. I have some problems with the list. However, since I know like four of her songs since about ’92, it’s tough for me to fairly critique it. This song should be much higher, for sure. And “Live to Tell,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” and “Oh Father” should definitely be on the list.