Busy, busy day around here getting ready for tomorrow. All the errands have been run and (hopefully) the final trip to the grocery store completed. The girls and I are midway through our house cleaning regimen. I’m about to head outside and do some leaf blowing and grass mowing in the 90 minutes or so the thermometer might reach 40 today.

With that in mind, I thought I’d just share this most excellent link with you all. Whether you’re a KU fan or not, I think a lot of you will enjoy reading through the oral history of Kevin Durant’s one visit to Allen Fieldhouse in 2007.

‘He’s Going to Get 80 on Us’: How KD Almost Toppled the Jayhawks’ Big 12 Dynasty

Of course, the headline is not entirely accurate. Had Texas won that day, the teams would have tied for first place in the Big 12. So the KU Big 12 title streak would still be at 13 today.

Anyway, safe and happy Thanksgivings to all of you!