“Datura” – GOON. I had to pick the order in which I listen to the various decade channels on SiriusXM the most, the two ‘80s stations would be first, obviously. Perhaps surprising to some the 70s on 7 would be second before Lithium, the 90s alternative and grunge channel. The ’90s just don’t connect with me these days the way they used to. So kind of a shock that I’m digging this so much, which sounds straight out of 1996. 

“Future Love” – Ride. Speaking of the ‘90s, Ride continues their fine, new millennium revival. 

“Little Trouble” – Better Oblivion Community Center. A terrific bonus track that Conor and Phoebe shared this week. 

“Lee Malone” – Maggie Koerner. I learned about this delightful artist from New Orleans via a golf video, of all places. I’m a big fan of all the content No Laying Up pushes out, and their Strapped series is arguably their best. Koerner’s appearance in their recent New Orleans series was a wonderful surprise.

“Late Night Feelings” – Mark Ronson featuring Lykke Li. Ms. Li has been off my radar for awhile. I lover her sad, late ‘00s music but haven’t been as big a fan of the stuff she’s put out since. Teaming up with Mark Ronson here, though, works for me. She’s changed her look a little, too. I will not complain about that. Shame that this is just a lip-synced performance.